After about 5 months of not buying any clothing item, I finally went thrifting last weekend. I got quite a number of items but one of my favourite buys must have been this gold (not sure what this colour is called) skirt and I couldn’t wait to style it. The fabric of the skirt really feels nice on the skin and the length and fluidity was just right!

At first glance I knew I wanted to style it with a print or patterned top since the skirt has one bold color. Probably one of those beautifully patterned silky vintage shirts. Unfortunately, I didn’t find what I was looking for. So, I settled for this polka dot shirt I have, added my own twist by wearing it as a one hand top. Trends really come and go, don’t they? I basically took off one sleeve and knotted it in the front. Then, tucked in the ‘excess’ fabric into the skirt. I particularly like how any shade of yellow looks against black and white.

My choice of shoes was influenced by the colour of my top, OBVIOUSLY! Mainly because I am not a big fan of overly colourful outfits plus I didn’t want my shoes competing with my skirt as I was determined to keep it as the statement piece. Choosing a bag was a tough decision but I eventually went for this beautiful woven side bag fromlamisi.

TOP; zara             SKIRT; thrifted        BAG; fromlamisi

To further finalize this look, I added very minimal accessories and slapped on some red lipstick. All in all, I enjoyed styling this look and I hope to purchase more feminine pieces in the future. Plus, I think I’m obsessed with the reds and yellows. Funny part is, I didn’t even see that coming. Oh well…

I have one question for you today, have you bought any new items lately, if yes, which is your favourite? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Until then, have a great week, see you on Thursday!


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