I’m Nana Antwiwaa Nuamah. The sole contributor to theantwiwaa.com


The Antwiwaa dot com started off as an online space where I share my creativity through DIYs and Outfits. It eventually evolved into a digital platform dedicated to helping young women get a good grasp of their personal style and aesthetic.

On this blog, you’ll learn to look beyond trends and ‘it items’ and rather focus on expressing who you truly are through the clothes and pieces you wear.

You’ll also find tips, hacks and outfit inspiration that’ll help you maximize your existing wardrobe and (or) build one that is unique to you, your lifestyle and needs.


The T.A (The Antwiwaa) reader is a millenial woman who pays attention to fashion. She is smart, very ambitious and has wild dreams as well. She loves fashion, the glitz and glam it comes with and loves to look good without trying too hard or emptying her bank out, of course.
She may not be the most fashionable in a room but she’s willing to learn and try out new outfits and outfit combinations.

The T.A reader is ready to understand her body and her personal style and go through everyday looking her very best, effortlessly.

If this sounds like you, you’re welcome!

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