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Maybe you, just like me are working hard on yourself – trying to be I the most amazing woman you can ever be. But do you ever look back and wonder where all the time went or why you haven’t been able to achieve as much as you planned to?

Last year, around this time, i wrote a blog post sharing all the lessons i learnt from all the books I’d read the previous year. I was psyched for 2019 and to be honest, it was an amazing year – very amazing, God is faithful and I learnt so much. Now when I look back at previous years, I realize that as ambitious young women, there are just a few things that are capable of holding us back;

  1. Procrastination
  2. Not giving every task our full commitment till the end
  3. Blaming everyone but ourselves when things go wrong

This time around, I’ll not be sharing excerpts from books even though, I read a lot more books in 2019. The ones from last year are still very valid. Read it if you haven’t.

This time, how about we concentrate on developing better routines, SYSTEMS, that’ll end up becoming life altering habits?

SYSTEMS are basically daily/weekly actions that you condition and prepare tous

Think about it. Sounds like a great plan to me even though I dislike routines, I mean doin the same every other day gets pretty boring but if that’s the sacrifice I’ll have to make York overvomr those 3, bring it on! Lol

Happy new year! I My wish for you is that you develop systems that help you realize your dreams.

Cheers 🥂

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