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diy tassel earrings

I’m a sucker for studded earrings so I hardly wear big or statement ones but then I came across these really cute tassel earrings and I was in love. Buying from the website and paying shipping cost twice the price of the earrings was definitely not a good bargain. So I tried my hands on them and they came out great.  And you know I had to share on here because being creative and stylish is my thing.

You’ll need:

  • Yarn
  • A pair of scissors
  • Old long pair of earrings (or new and inexpensive)

  • Choose a desirable length and fold the yarn strand until you’re satisfied with the thickness of the earring-to-be. After cutting the end, cut an extra strand of yarn.
  • diy tassel earrings Fold the piece you cut for the earring into two and knot it in the middle with the extra strand.

diy tassel earrings

  •  Cut the folded end to have 4 separate strands and knot the strands as shown. (you need to be very careful on this step as it might get tricky)

  • Pick one single strand and wrap it continuously under the knot to secure it. Tie the strand and cut the end.
  • Detach the unwanted part of the old earring and reattach the bottom of the earring to the tassel. Add a drop glue for reinforcement. Trim the tassel to your preferred length.

diy tassel earrings

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