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free vision board template


If I’m not mistaking, you probably have a set of goals for your year or maybe a certain period of time. If you’re anything like me, you Probably have a vision board to back it up.

Goals are great, they put you on your toes and help you achieve more especially when there’s a certain time limit attached to them.

But do you know my favourite thing about goal setting? – The visualization part. The part where I can close my eyes and ‘experience’ all my goals as though I’ve already achieved them.

Visualization keeps you hopeful. It reminds you that no matter how outrageous your goals may seem, if you work hard enough and keep at it, you’ll have that beautiful life you look forward to. That’s why VISION BOARDS exists.

free vision board template
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A vision board is basically a visual representation of your goals; exactly what you want, how you want to feel, principles, over a period of time say 5 years, 2 years or even a year. And if you haven’t bought into the idea of vision boards, this is the time to probably try it out.


Achievers in all fields set goals. Yes, you can go with the flow but where is this flow taking you? What destination?
Having a vision and setting goals for your year helps you;

  1. Organize your time
  2. Concentrate your energy on matters that’ll benefit
  3. And! You can evaluate your progress as opposed to what may previously seem like a long pointless grind.
free vision board template

I put together a goal setting aka vision board template that breaks down the entire procedure. By the time you’ve completed your copy of the template , you should have clarity on what to include in your vision board and how it will serve you. Drop your email to receive this free vision board template.

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