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I got the opportunity to attend the Glitz Africa Fashion week and you bet I did not let that pass me by! If you have ever wondered what it really is like or thinking of attending the show next year, you may want to read this.

Unfortunately, I could not make it for all 3 days of the show because I was not entirely well. So, whatever I talk about is just for day 2 and 3. Let’s do this!

How did I feel about being invited?

To be honest, when I got the text that said I had been selected as a style influencer for the Glitz Africa fashion Week 2017. I froze! I was so excited and really honored and I was literally counting down from that moment. Thank you Claudia Lumor and her Glitz Africa team, for inviting me.

My first Impression…

The venue was FABULOUS! The setup, lighting, everything was luxe! For someone who rarely steps out, I appreciate things like that. Like if you are going to take me out of my space, it better be worth my while. Lol.

My take on the show..

I honestly wish you were there to see this part. Words and pictures do not do justice, I tell you! The clothes, the models, the styling, all of that was on point. You know one of the things I really liked?! The MUSIC. The choice of music was amazing. It was like that icing on the cake! Whoever was in charge of production did an awesome job.

DAY 2 & 3

As I mentioned earlier, I was not too well so, I got there at 18:00GMT and I hid in a corner till the show started (it’s an introvert problem). I’m not going to extensively talk about every collection. You can check out the designers and collections HERE. BUT! When the designers for the aboutthatcurvylife collection walked out after the finale, I teared up! I still don’t know why but that show made me emotional. It was quite dark to take an outfit picture but I wore wide legged jeans and a one shoulder top with some embellished bow block heels.

Day 3 was even more amazing. I met people I knew so no more hiding and I enjoyed the show soo much that I did not want to go home. I particular liked the NEW FACES OF CREATIVITY presentation. It was very creative, fresh and different in a good way. Those guys the bomb! I DIYed the corset looking thingy onto this dress and I paired it with a men’s jacket.

What did I dislike about the show?

Timing! Everything was so extraordinary I almost feel bad for pointing this out but I feel like the timing could have been better. There was about an hour delay on my first day which was day 2 and I thought oh well, it’s a Ghana thing lol. But then on Day 3, the 3pm show started after 6pm and that broke my heart. I was really looking to the Duaba Serwa collection and also Mai Atafo collection. Unfortunately, I had to leave before both shows. I could have stayed but I live on the other side of town and I had work the following day so…

It must be a lot of work putting everything together but I hope that the Glitz Africa team will work on their timing next year.

Will I recommend you attend the show in the future?

Hell yes! You will enjoy the show whether you are a fashion lover or not. It is such an amazing way to spend your weekend. I was inspired in so many ways. Watching the models and designers showcase their art made me feel like I can be whatever I want to be. T`hey all have a story and if they can grow, glow and stand out from the crowd, so can I!


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