shoulder pads are still cool in 2018

First of all, I’m not asking you to go buy a ton of shoulder padded jackets or blouses, far from that. But if you own anything with shoulder pads and want to figure out how to pull of the look or you simply want to give the trend a try, this is for you.

Shoulder pads are still cool in 2018

Shoulder pads are here to stay. Matter of fact they’ve been here for centuries. I personally love shoulder padded items because of how much structure  they add to your overall look. Bold shoulders, clean cuts and fit. Ugh! Nothing screams powerful and structured than that. 

Also, shoulder padded pieces give you an illusion of a smaller waist. Yup! The easiest way to make your waist appear smaller is to emphasize your shoulders.  

which brings me to tip #1; one way to style shoulder padded jackets or tops is to belt them at waist. It makes it more feminine and less boxy, if that’s your style.

Tip #2; Wear more feminine pieces, like a float dress or a two piece. They go so well masculine or shoulder padded blazers.

Shoulder pads are still cool in 2018

I tucked my shoulder padded top into a pair of high waisted jeans for that small slender waist illusion. Then, I stacked a couple of necklaces to draw attention to my shoulders and away from my waist. And that automatically gives me a smaller looking waist. *wink

Shoulder pads are still cool in 2018

The trick to nailing the shoulder pad look is to stick to smaller shoulder pads as the big, exaggerated ones can easily make you look like a football player. Lol

What’s do you think about shoulder pads? Do you remove them when you buy tops and dresses? If you don’t, how to you style tips and dresses with shoulder pads? 

Shoulder pads are still cool in 2018


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