I love a well-structured blazer especially if it’s a men’s blazer. If you are a regular on here you will know I cop as many men’s wear as I can when I get the chance. Thanks to the men in my life and even though oversized or men’s blazers are a thing now I feel like it may be a bit tricky to pull them off without looking like you are drowning in the blazer or too tomboyish

Today, I am sharing 3 looks I created with this black men’s blazer (thank you daddy), together with some tips on how to pull them off. Stick and stay!


  • If you are petite, stick to blazers that are not overly oversized yet structured. Men’s blazers have strong shoulders which I think flatters petite ladies but if the blazer is too oversized, you end up looking like you are being drowned in the blazer. So, yes, even though the idea is to wear them oversized, going 3 sizes up is definitely a no no! Another way to not be overwhelmed in a blazer as a petite girl is to show some legs. The boxy oversized fit of the blazer is balanced out that way.
  • If you are tall like I am. Pick a men’s blazer that is your size or slightly boxier and you can dress that up or down in any way you please. From dresses to pants to shorts. Everything literally works. No, I’m not being biased.
  •  For the curvy lady, pair your oversized men’s blazer with wide leg pants or an A-line skirt. It balances your proportions beautifully.


For me, one of the reasons I like men’s clothes is they make me feel all kinds of cool, almost like I am not trying too hard. Plus, I like to dress androgynous every now and then.


I am wearing a slogan tee which I DIYed a while ago. (Click here for the tutorial), mini skirt to balance out the masculinity of the blazer. Then, I completed the look with some sneakers and this gorgeous handmade bag fromlamisi. So, even though I’m wearing a well-structured men’s blazer, I still managed to look feminine and sexy. That’s the trick. *wink


For look 2, I wanted to do something for girls who do not wear a lot of skirts and dresses. I paired my blazer with a sheer-lacey bodysuit, this mum jean I DIYed and some heels. Then, I wore my side bag as a fanny (eventhough that was almost a fail) lol don’t judge me. You can drape the jacket over your shoulder like I did in look 3, I find that also chic.


This is one my favourite thing to do with a men’s blazer. Drape it over my shoulder while wearing a cute girly dress. I think this has got to be my favorite of the 3. Let me know which one is yours in the comment section. I wore this outfit to the just ended Glitz Africa Fashion Week and I recapped my experience HERE. Again, I felt like this dress was pretty simple aside the corset in the midsection, which I DIYed by the way and the blazer was that little umphh it needed. Then, I threw on some heels. I got quite a number of compliments on this look.

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